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The Rules of Engagement apply to every gang and faction on the server. official and un-official and should be followed at all times. If you're thinking of making or joining a gang or faction on the server then please take a look through all these rules so you understand completely about how things work.

I will not tolerate anyone breaking these rules that have been setup to keep things in gang roleplay organized and at a safe level where roleplay is still involved more than guns. Below are the rules that you must follow. and a link to this topic inside your gang rules if you like. Remember, you can be admin jailed for not following these gang rules when it comes to any sort of attack with your gang. even all the gang members can be jailed for just a few messing up and not following these rules, and if the leader or anyone with a high ranking does it and lots of others as well there faction can maybe end up decoded, or denied if unofficial.

If you have any thoughts or any idea's on the Rules, you can PM me on the forums with them.


Methods and ways of gang attacks

Drive by's
is a very easy method to attack an enemy, all you need is to organize your gang, get your weapon(s) in RP way, get out of the window RPly and shot the enemy. an drive by attack shouldn't take more than a minute, IRL gang members are making the attack fast and they're leaving the area, for example you shouldn't search around for enemies during an attack.

Drive by rule #1
The weapon(s) should be out with a RP way, if you don't RP taking out the weapon than your non-rping.

Drive by rule #2
You have to RP by having window open (/wi) and to lean out of the window must use a /me explaining it and that you got an weapon in your hand.

Drive by rule #3
You never search around the area during a drive by, you may shot fast and leave.

Drive by rule #4
You must always do an /s(hout) befor you start shooting, such as "/s Fucc' Chu' Slobs, C-Loc's fo' life" or "/s Fuck Chu' Crabs".

Drive by rule #5
You can't make more than 3 driveby's every hour.

Drive by rule #6
You can't get out of your vehicle and finish your victims off unless your vehicle blew up.

Drive by rule #7
You can't keep going around the hood in circles or stopping to finish off your enemies. You be quick in and out.


Organized attacks

An organized attack could be an attack with alot of work on it, for example an attack from the roofs of the houses around the attacking area, or could be a trapped car explosion, or something similar.

Organized attack rule #1
You're supposed to RP every weapon you take out, also the same as setting up a bomb under the car's trunk or something.

Organized attack rule #2
You're not supposed to force somebody to RP that with the explosion of his car he loses it for ever, with other words, you can't force somebody to sell his house / car when he doesn't agree with it, after the destroy of his house / car.

Organized attack rule #3
You can't make more than 1 organized attacks per half an hour.


Gang war / brawl

is very simple, it's just a brawl with bat, no guns are allowed there, the leaders of the two ( or more) factions should select a place and go there and fight ONLY with their baseball bats.

Gang war / brawl rule #1
You NEVER take out a gun there, the war is only with bats.

Gang war / brawl rule #2
Whenever you don't feel like dying you use the anim /crack, whenever you see someone /cracked down at the attacking field you shouldn't hit him out as hes rply "Knocked out".

Gang war / brawl rule #3
You must have at least 2 Brawls everyday with one of your enemies, i don't wanna see just gun fights over and over and never any brawl fights!.


General rules of a gang attack.

Rule #1
The both factions should have more than 3 members online (official members)

Rule #2
if you want to make a counter attack wait 30 minutes after the last one, so the gang can heal themselves and get weapons and such.

Rule #3
If you get killed during a gangwar, you're not supposed to go back, you have to wait until the war is ended and if anyone is still alive, you do an counter attack. (after 30 minutes)

Rule #4 Continue from the rule #1:
This does not make a gang member completely untouchable towards violence against him from a rival gang. They're still allowed to speak to you in character and roleplay with you as much as they want, they just can't go out of their way to find you and kill you for the fun of it.

Rule #5
You are not allowed to enter the Rivals territory after you already attacked their HQ you must wait 30 minutes from the attack.

Rule #6
If one of your members attacks a Rivals territory you are not to go there and attack due to his (death) or injury you must wait the 30 minutes as even 1 member attacking is still an attack.

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