Faction Vehicle Rules (For gangs)

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Faction Vehicle Rules (For gangs) Empty Faction Vehicle Rules (For gangs)

Post  Spose on Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:09 pm

Originally posted at Rules of Engagement

Rule 1 - Sports Cars not allowed
Well i had enough of gang factions running around in Sultans or Elegy's and such.

In real life a gang member be glade to have a 6-4 Impala yet you all act like its nothing and want a sports car. Where in real life if some gang member was riding a sports car, people would notice you a lot, so would cops.

They will also follow you, they'll jack your car and joyride or most likely sell it for parts.

So for now on sports cars are not allowed in factions. Any faction (member) or (leader) having a sports car will face being admin uninvited or jailed. If the leader doesn't force the rule and does it themselves they will be faction decoded. And if the player isn't on yet we see there sports car at there faction HQ and find out they are a faction member face your vehicle to be admin sold.

Rule 2 - Gang Colors on vehicles
Now i know you all love to have your gang colors on your vehicles but it's also non-rp as well. In real life LA most blood members or crips don't have red or blue cars, most got white or black or something maybe the inside of the car like chairs and such be red or blue. But the outside will not be because the last thing they wanna do is be noticed.

Now this isn't a rule to be forced, but if to many cars like grove are all green around their HQ and makes it look like this is like a DM server. We will warn the faction to solve this problem and if it still happens we will start admin selling vehicles or decode the faction.
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