Read Here Before Posting! (FAQ)

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Read Here Before Posting! (FAQ) Empty Read Here Before Posting! (FAQ)

Post  Sid. on Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:49 pm

Read Here Before Posting!

Please follow and read these steps before posting.

Suggestion Format:


Why should we add this:


Question: I posted my suggestion what do i do now?
Answer: You must wait till Sid. to review the suggestion, this doesn't mean you go bugging them about it let them review it when they have time.

Question: What do i do if i don't like my suggestion anymore or want it closed?
Answer: Ask a moderator to move it to the archive for the reason.

Question: My suggestion was approved when will it be added?
Answer: Depends when it was approved, it could be added within a week or a day who knows.

Question: My topic is randomly inside the archive with no lead admin reply, how come?
Answer: Either your topic was requested to be moved by you, the suggestion was obviously denied due to already being added in a up-coming version or it's not a acceptable suggestion, if you want to take action against it not having a denied reason you can always 'Private Message' me about it and show the link and ill give you the reason why it's denied.
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