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Rules and Format Empty Rules and Format

Post  Spose on Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:18 pm

Now anybody not following the rules or using the format will be ignored and warned 2+ aka "1 day temp ban" for anybody not warned before.

The Rules
1. No posting on topics unless your an admin or topic creator.
2. Always use the format.
3. No making more than one topic, if its moved for any reason or no post by an admin don't make another!.
4. Any false information or lying will lead to a perm forum ban!.
5. No Double posting/Bumping your topic
6. Make sure to tell everything you remember or know or why it could of happened.

The Format

Player Name?:
When did it happen?:
When was the last time you logged in before it happened?:
When was the time you logged in that you noticed it?:
Whats the reason why your posting this?:
Any information that can help us solve it for you?:
Your IP Address?:

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