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Real life name: Marrcus.
Current In-game name: Junior Haamel.
Past IG Names: Jackson Grymes, Junior Haamel.
Location: Sweden.
Age: 15 years old.
Current Position In the Staff Team: Lead Admin / Server Owner.

A bit about myself: Well, it's not much to say. I'm a regular guy just like anyone else I guess. I live with my dad in a place called "Borlänge" in "Dalarna", Sweden. That's abit about me.

My story on how I ended up here: Well, It all started back at December, 2011. I was talking with 'Guy', "The Jew". And we decided after a while to try to start up a community. And so we did. I paid for a 45 slots server and it went up and running a day after. It took a while before we felt comftrible as it was much argument between me and Guy. However, Jack started to become inactive, and I didn't have power enough to continue it on my own, so I stopped. However, about two months after that, I was talking with Sid. aka Alfred, and he said 'Why don't you and me start up the community agian?' and as we would then be two owners, I said 'What the hell, let's give it a try'. So we got the community up, and re-named it, and started it up all agian with a total new and custom script, scripted by me.

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