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Creating a faction? Empty Creating a faction?

Post  Spose on Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:08 pm

What you will need
•Moderate roleplay experience, if you want to be taken seriously then have good roleplay and if you have NO clue about roleplay, read out some guides, still have no clue? Re-read, remember back into elementary school if you have to, your teachers would tell you to RE-READ to understand a few things that you might be confused about.
•Moderate grammar and vocabulary perfection, nobody can understand you if you say "you're" and you mean to say "your" so you would say 'You're letter just fell out of your pocket!', come on, use common sense and see how wrong that sentence is. Vocabulary also goes into the term because if you are making a gang that uses slang you might wanna brush up on some slang terms and search up the definitions.
•At least being level four to make an un-official faction.
•Need to have confidence in yourself and your teammates that the faction won't break up after a day.
•Having a good system of members and not just starting out as a one man gang, this isn't some game with your character being a protagonist.
•Decent story, even if you are a terrible story maker you can always work hard, there's no excuse for "not being a good story writer", it's called being lazy.
•A stable pair of rules, you don't want your members to go around death-matching and meta-gaming correct? Gives your team a BAD reputation and less of a chance to become official.
•Make sure the idea of your gang is original, it's simple to make a gang but what you want is an idea that is original to show responsibility and determination. (Optional)
Things NOT to do
•Never say that your topic is terrible because you don't have photoshopped pictures, many topics can be good if they're informative
•NEVER copy a story from Wikipedia, that is just sad if you do, be creative and make up your own story, you can go and improve it later, minimum of the story should be at least three paragraphs and up.
•Never use a HUGE font just to make your topic bigger, it is simply annoying and makes it look ugly, you're not helping anybody with showing that you were lazy so you made the font huge.
•Don't copy and paste images from factions on *****, that is just sad, you never know how others might re-act if they saw that, try and get permission from them first if you believe NOBODY or not even you could get a few pictures made.
•Do NOT use short term words in your story as in 'u' or 'the guy said lol to the joke', the story of your faction topic is supposed to be IN CHARACTER!
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