Logu2-RP Events of May (during the entire month)

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Logu2-RP Events of May (during the entire month) Empty Logu2-RP Events of May (during the entire month)

Post  Spose on Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:43 pm

Events of May (events during the entire month) > (for 48 hours once implanted)

May 2nd - Triple Job Pay (This means you will gain triple the amount of money per job session)

May 5th - 25,000$ when finding a checkpoint! (WARNING: ONLY TWO PER PERSON) (This means there will be spread checkpoints around entire San Andreas, take a screenshot together with the checkpoint and post it on the forums)

May 7th - Get a custom name in front of your name on your vehicle "Vehicle is registered to (CustomName): Firstname_Lastname".

May 10th - Able to purchase a NRG-500 from dealership. (costs 100,000$)

May 15th - First [5] users to send a PM to Spose and Sid. on the forums will recieve a mapped house wherever they want (contact Spose or Sid. with information regarding the location and exterior you want)

May 20th - Receive a free name change in-game when you post a request on the "Request" forums, >here<

May 25th - Able to purchase weapons at Ammu-Nation for half price of the orginal price.

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