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Welcome to the "Lost Stuff" Forums

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Welcome to the "Lost Stuff" Forums Empty Welcome to the "Lost Stuff" Forums

Post  Spose Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:23 pm

So as you all might of noticed I barely check suggestions, requests or "bug report" forums because these forums are not assigned to me, The main forum i have to handle is "lost stuff, complaints and ban appeals". "Bug Reports or Complaints" are forums more of "Sid.'s" Job.

Now As I always end up getting ban appeals about "lost passwords" or "account gone" or "vehicle gone" or something dumb along those lines, I decided instead of getting appeals spammed about those I would just create a forum for it, This forum ill be active on it like my Ban Appeals, It'll be handled likely daily, Don't spam me In-Game to handle it I am not superman I got more than one task to do for people.

I also don't promise you will have the problem solved in one day or at all because in the end alot of times problems for example "lost accounts" or "vehicles" I can't help with barely.

Also please make sure to read the rules and make sure to use the format before you post or else ill just ignore it and likely close and move it.
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