[Helper Application] Junior Haamel [Accepted]

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[Helper Application] Junior Haamel [Accepted] Empty [Helper Application] Junior Haamel [Accepted]

Post  Spose on Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:47 pm

Player(s) Name:* Junior Haamel, Jackson Grymes.

If any alts, which is your main character:* Junior Haamel.
The one your play on the most.

Age:* 14 years old.
Real Life Age.

Name:* Marcus.
Real Life Name.

Country:* Sweden.
Country you living in.

Time Zone:* GMT +1.

In-Game Playing Hourus:* 1.

Any experience of leadership:* Lead Adminstrator of Logu2-RP.
Ever been a staff member of a previous server/community.

Why do you want to become a helper?:* Due to the fact that I'm Lead Admin, it would be quite useful to become a helper.

Do you understand it's a job not to play around with?:* Yes, I do.

How many hours a day are you on?:* 6-9 hours a day - 7 days a week.

How many hours a day can you provide doing the helpme's?:* I don't know, 1-2?
Time of hours a day are you able to be on helper duty.

Have you ever been admin jailed before and reason(s) why?:* No, I've not.
We do check.

Have you ever been an Admin/Helper on this server? (If removed, say why):* Yes, I am at the moment (an admin).
We do check.

How do you think you can help while being in the helper team?:* By helping anyone with basicly anything.

Have you been in any factions? (If so, name them):* -

What are you trying to accomplish as an helper?:* Helping everyone with the most of the things that's needed.

Do you speak any other languages?:* Swedish.

What do you think of the server?:* It's great.
Say the truth, it's better than holding it in.

How long have you been playing SA-MP?:* Since middle of 2009.

Do you understand the sync and bugs of SA-MP? and that new ones come every now and then:* Yes, I do.

How long have you been roleplaying?:* Since middle of 2009.

How long have you been playing on LV-RP?:* Even since it started.

How do you rate your roleplay skill?:* 8.
From a rate of 1-10.

What do you think should improve on the server?:* Quicker loading.

What do you think of rulebreakers?:* Hate them, as everyone else.

Why should we pick you?:* As I'm an Lead Admin, and a active player, I think it would be a good choice of you to add me as a helper.

Give us ten roleplay examples:*
1. RP with Officers.
2. RPing a kill.
3. RPing buying a gun (Even from a Gun Store).
4. RPing buying things from the 24/7.
5. Always RP, even if no- one is around.
6. RP /repair or /refill (Mechanic).
7. If you buy food from the Drive Thru, or the store, RP it.
8. RPly withdrawing / depositing money of the ATM / Bank.
9. RP buying a drink when you're in a bar.
10. RP every time you take a sip / bite from your food / drink.
Futherly explained:
1. If you're getting arrested, RP properly, and think on the situation as IRL, what would I do if this happened to me IRL? and go from there.
2. For example, if you're PKing / FPKing someone, just don't shoot, start to threat him, e.t.c
3. For example; Go to the desk, saying 'Do you have ....' and such.
4. For example; RP with the Shop Keeper, and tell him you need a package of cigarettes.
5. If you crash into a wall, and no one is around, don't just keep driving, RP the crash.
6. If you're a mechanic, don't just /repair, when someone asks you if you can repair his car, use /me's.
7. If you go to the Clucking Bell, for example, and you want to buy some food, don't just do it, RPly /wi and tell them what you want.
8. Don't just withdraw money from the ATM, RPly putting your card in the ATM, as you then withdraw money using /me's.
9. Don't just go and buy the drink, RPly tell the bartender what you want, and then hold.
10. Don't just press the fire button to drink, use /me's to do it.

Not some lame /me's and /do's.

Give us ten rule breaking examples:*
Not some lame /me's and /do's.
1. Not RPing a car-crash.
2. Not RPing buying a sprunk.
3. Not RPing fueling.
4. Not RPing taking out cash from the ATM.
5. Not RPing taking out / depositing cash at the bank.
6. Not RPing buying a vehicle.
7. Mixing.
8. DMing.
9. Drivers-Driveby'ing.
10. RKing.

Is "Fuck Off" an insult?:* No, it's not.

Is "Fuck You" an insult?:* Yes, it is.

Is "Shemale" an insult?:* Yes, it is.

Past Names:* -

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[Helper Application] Junior Haamel [Accepted] Empty Re: [Helper Application] Junior Haamel [Accepted]

Post  Sid. on Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:51 pm



Junior Haamel.

You have been accepted into the helper team and into the Staff Team of Logu2-RP. The next tep is to contact the acting supervisor at the moment, which is David Herling, Richard Herling. When you contact him, you will be given the helper status in-game and on forums.

Lead Admin - Richard Herling, David Herling - Sid.
Helper Recruitment Leader.
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