Weapon Refunds and Donation Refunds Information (Read before posting)

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Weapon Refunds and Donation Refunds Information (Read before posting)   Empty Weapon Refunds and Donation Refunds Information (Read before posting)

Post  Spose on Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:19 pm

About Weapon Refunds
So lately people been posting Weapon Refunds trying to get their (lost weapons) back.
The problem with this with is we got no proof of you losing you're weapon and to many people lied to us about this.
If you contact an lead admin In-Game they might help you but on these forums we cannot help you even if you got proof of having that weapon. So please do not bother posting a lost stuff thread if you lost your weapon.

About Donation Refunds
Now donation refunds are often posted.
We do refund people their donation stuff if before October 2010 because of the reset than.
Now the problem most people do is forget to provide as much information as they can.
I am not as active on these forums as I am with others like ban appeals and so on.
I normally check it once a week. So the best thing to do is provide as much information you can.

A list of information you should include
Receipt/Screenshot of the paypal
Your paypal email address
The date of the transaction
The In-Game name you want it given to.

If you can not provide this list of information/proof you won't be refunded.

Please remember that we have a list of donation emails given after the reset on the lead admin forums. So if you give us an e-mail that already requested an refund we will not help you. So if you donated more than once make sure to include all the payments on the thread.

Best Regards,
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